Sunday, June 17, 2007

"You can't fix stupid"-Ron White

While I think the "Blue Collar Comedy" troupe are only funny to people who've had way too much beer, or who live below the Mason-Dixon line, Ron White (the guy who's always got the scotch and cigarette in his hands) got it right with that line.

If you click on "Today's Article of the Day", you'll find yourself reading a story from about kids and those idiotic rolling shoes. I briefly skimmed it, before setting up the link from this page to that story for you guys.

All I can say is: There's nothing better than being right!!

I've noticed the rolling shoes phenomenon for the past two years, and every time I see kids wearing them, the same thought almost always quickly enters my mind:

"Just how stupid are that kid's parents exactly?"

Honestly, is there a dumber idea than putting wheels on shoes for kids who don't intend on roller skating? I really can't imagine a more dangerous item to put on a kid's foot.

I used to think that the only kids who would wear those shoes were kids who were staying at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, and that Michael put those shoes on those kids just in case they thought about escaping.

Apparently, I was wrong. Those shoes aren't just for those poor, trapped children. It seems that all parents want their kids to run the risk of falling backwards and crushing the back of their skulls.

According to the news story, one death has been reported, due to a child wearing the rolling shoe.

One death! How messed up is that?! A kid dies, because somebody bought the dumbest and most dangerous idea for a shoe ever. It's really sad, when you think about it. Some kid's life was ended by an extremely stupid decision to buy shoes WITH WHEELS BUILT INTO THEM!!

I can only hope that more and more parents actually pay attention to the news story, and start showing some common sense, and stop buying shoes WITH WHEELS BUILT INTO THEM!!

Seriously, who's the brain dead idiot who came up with this idea? Who, in the Research and Development department thought it was actually a good idea to create a shoe that has the possibility of seriously injuring a child.

You ever see those dopey movies, where the hero throws balls on the ground, just to trip up the villain who's chasing him/her? Nowadays, kids movies will use that plot device. Putting wheels on a kid's shoe is a lot like making your kid walk on top of marbles all day long.

Parents should be sterilized when they show that much stupidity in buying shoes with wheels on them for the kid.

To me, it's the same thing with kids and video games. Whenever I walk past an arcade (the few that are still around, I may add), and see a four year old shooting up a bunch of enemies in Time Crisis, that same question pops into my head, as when I see kids walking around with wheels on their shoes.

"Am I the only person here who thinks this might be a BAD idea?"

Folks, the moral of this story is simple: Mom, Dad, use a little common sense. Just once in a while. Giving your kid shoes with wheels on them is just a dumb idea, and now apparently, could prove to a be a fatal one for your kid.

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