Monday, May 4, 2009

Baseball's for sissies!

Reports from the Chicago Cubs today are saying that pitcher Carlos Zambrano will be off the mound for 2-3 weeks because of a pulled hamstring.

And how exactly did the Cubs' ace earn that injury? By running his fat behind to first base.

That's all. RUNNING. Just running. Doing the same thing that most of us do if we're exercising, trying to catch a bus, or trying to get a girl's number.

Last year, Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang also had a bases-running related injury. While running to second, the Yanks' pitcher managed to injure his foot.

Considering some of the injuries in baseball, you have to wonder? Just how athletic are baseball players.

We've all seen pictures of the Babe. In 2009, Ruth would have a more prosperous career taking over for Adam Richman on the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food", then he would trying to play any other sport.

Credit John Kruk with being the most honest person in baseball when he once said, "I'm not an athlete, I'm a baseball player."

But, seriously. How can anyone consider a sport "professional", when guys can barely stay healthy when trying to run around the bases.

Now, granted, baseball players get the last laugh, because they play for guaranteed contracts, while NFL players can be discarded like trash when they get injured.

But, I just have to wonder: how hard is it to run around the bases? Kids do it from April to October on a regular basis.

If I were the Yankees, I'd make sure that C.C. Sabathia never so much as sees the inside of a batter's box.

Man up guys! You're making millions of dollars. Surely you can run around the bases, and not get hurt.

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